About Dr. Ray

Dr. Ray's background includes faculty positions within the graduate training departments in Clinical Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin and Indiana University at Bloomington and years of experience as a lecturer and practicing Clinical Psychologist. He has worked with NBA, LPGA and Hall of Fame athletes, performing artists, executives and individuals from all walks of life.

Cognitive Behavioral Psychology provides the theoretical and empirical foundation for Dr. Ray's self-management training, especially the extensive body of research emerging from Dr. Julian Rotter's Social Learning Theory and its focus on Internal vs External Locus of Control.

Dr. Ray has trained thousands of employees within corporate environments across North America for over three decades. His Emotional Health Pain Management services are now available within the context of this private learning experience. Dr. Ray's commitment to your potential for a pain-free life provides the driving force for his classes and private sessions.

Dr. Ray's background also includes that of modern jazz percussionist. He has authored a Sport Psychology novel, writes poetry and has published numerous books, scientific articles and professional publications.

RAMU, the composition named after him by world reknown performing artist and jazz composer David Baker, ranks among his most cherished life experiences.

Clinical Psychologist - California License PSY 24142


Emotional Health Pain Management Protocol
Classes ~ Private Sessions

In the words of noted Psychologist, Kurt Lewin,
"If you want to truly understand something, try to change it."

You will transform challenging, disruptive, attitudes, emotions and pain, into a positive, proactive disposition, with your personal progress measured each step along the way. This is mostly a process of becoming more of what you already are, making change the evolution of your personal growth and self- management.

It is proactive, positive psychology based on clinical experience and scientific research, all grounded in a practical, no nonsense approach to measurable self-managed, personal growth.


Your Fully Integrated Self

Dr. Ray's ultimate goal is for you to be a fully integrated individual, equipped with the skills required to self-manage pain, health and emotional well being ~ eliminating reliance on pain medications, sleeping pills, sedatives, muscle relaxants and other external influences and controls.


Dr. Ray's Publishing History

Focused on emotional health and pain management, Dr. Ray authored the nation’s first professionally published stress and tension management training program and co-authored the nation’s first professionally published Back School.

Publications include:

 Tension Management & Relaxation:  An Approach to a Balanced Way of Living

In The Zone:  Making Winning Moments Your Way of Life

Teeing Off With The Masters:  A Sport Psychology Novel

The Back School:  A Team Approach to Low Back Pain

 The Portable Back School

12-Steps To a Pain-Free Back

Freedom From Back Pain

First Aid for Back Pain